Some Common Pregnancy Signs

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times of a woman’s life. It can also be one of the scariest, as you head towards what will, inevitably, be a life changing experience. But, without using a pregnancy test kit, how do you even know you may be pregnant in the first place?

Late period
One of the first natural signs that you are pregnant is if you are late for your period. While not all women are linked to their moon cycle in the same way, and while some of us may have different numbers of days in each menstrual cycle, we all have some idea of what the maximum and minimum number of days in a menstrual cycle are and if we go outside of those limitations there must be some chance that the reason why is because of pregnancy.

Frequent urination
Find you need to run off to the toilet more often than you normally would? If so, this is another of nature’s classics signs that you could be pregnant and that you need to have a pregnancy test. As this is a classic sign in early pregnancy that you may be pregnant, if you have missed the sign that you are late for your period, being both late for your period and having to run off to the bathroom on a regular basis equals a quick trip to see your doctor!

The view that morning sickness starts some time after conception is a television myth. In fact, morning sickness can start as early as only two weeks after you have conceived, which would only be a few days after you’ll have missed your period. So, if you find that you are often feeling sick through the day, the stomach bug you have may not be the same one that everyone else in the office currently has and you should book an appointment with your doctor to check out this most classic of all pregnancy symptoms.

Sore breasts
Does your bra feel more uncomfortable when you wear it now? Are your breasts feeling more tender than normal? If so, you could find this is another classic sign that you are pregnant.

However, as with most things nature throws at us, the onset of tender breasts and nipples ordinarily starts around two weeks after the pregnancy conception, which just so happens to be the same time as we are expecting our period. As sore and tender breasts also happen to be a classic sign that we’re just about to have a period, it is not too difficult to see why a lot of women miss this sign. However, if you happen to have sore and tender breasts, are often running to the bathroom to urinate, and find that you are feeling sick during the day, then all of these signs should have the hairs on the back of your hand standing up that you may just need to schedule a pregnancy test. Typically, the hairs standing up on the back of your hand is a further sign of pregnancy, as most women seem to know intuitively that they’re pregnant.

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