Indian Food – Healthy Food

Are you fond of cooking different types of cuisine but you still thinking about your health? Now, you don’t have to worry about knowing those kinds of foods, because Indian food is a very good example. This is because of the health benefits that you can get on this food.

When talking about Indian food, it is usually hot. It contains a lot of chili to add taste. The primary ingredients of Indian cuisine are garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, leafy vegetables, nuts and beans. All of these are very beneficial to health.

The main ingredient used by some Indian cuisine is Turmeric. It is a ginger root that helps to add spice in Indian foods. The Indian food has been proven and acknowledged that it can give a lot of health benefits not to mention. Turmeric may prevent heart problems and will aid in the healing of the heart against damages. But if you are planning to increase the amount of turmeric in your Indian food, it is best to lessen the other amount of ingredient to balance the taste and the benefit that may produce. Curries contain turmeric, but it has also ingredient such as butter and nuts which is not good for the heart. Turmeric was also discovered to reduce joint inflammation; therefore it might prevent the occurrence of arthritis. In addition, aside from its benefit to prevent heart problems and arthritis, it has been shown that turmeric also stimulates the production of enzymes that will protect the brain against oxidative conditions.

Aside from the health benefits brought by turmeric, there is another point of view on how Indian food helps us in our health. Initially, easting proper and balance of food can help to control our weight. How does it happen? There is called satiety that produced by different spices which tend to consume lesser calories. In addition, the chilies and spices with the combination of vegetable, beans and garlic will help to balance the good levels of insulin. Chili peppers will act as an anti depressant because it will stimulate the endorphine substances that will help to improve your mood. Also, hot peppers promote good passage of air to improve your breathing pattern. Another thing is that Indian food contains high level of fibers that is why it is known to be healthy. Another ingredient in Indian recipes that can lower the cholesterol level is the Lentils and chickpeas; therefore it promotes a better heart condition.

After you’ve eaten the main course and you want a dessert, this could not be a problem on your diet. The dessert is also healthy because it is made of fresh fruits and whole grains. The ingredients of the Indian desserts are high in protein and iron.

From this article, you already know what are the health benefits brought by the Indian foods. Just keep in mind to eat this food properly, in order to have a better effect. Avoid the foods that may counteract the health benefits brought by the Indian food.

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