Pregnancy Stages of Pregnancy week by week in Mother’s Guide

Marriage is supposed to be one of the most wonderful moments in the life of a man and a woman. The next thing that comes into the mind of the couple is to have a kid in the family. This is yet another milestone in the lives of the couple. It is said, that pregnancy is one beat moment in the life of a woman. It could be called the best experience of a lifetime. Two pregnancies are never similar. But the factor common to all pregnancies is that all of them pass through the same stages. They comprise of three stages, each of 13 weeks.


The first trimester, comprising of the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, is considered to be the most vital among the three trimesters. It is this time that the vital organs of the baby start to develop. At the same time, it is also the time, when pregnancy is liable to a number of complications. If the would-be mother has the habit of smoking and drinking, then it is suggested that she gives up these two habits right away, lest it takes a toll on the health and development of the baby at the time of its growth. Frequent fatigue, nausea, morning sickness and urinating urge are some of the early symptoms of pregnancy.

The second trimester extends from the 14th week to the 26th week. It is this time that a woman stops getting the feeling of nausea. Although all women do not go through the same symptoms, even then, nausea is one feeling that is common in case of all pregnancies. During this stage, the mother can feel the movement f the baby within the womb. A few discomforts in the form of headaches and back stiffness might as well show up.

The bulging of stomach and weight gain are the main symptoms of this stage.

The last and the final stage of pregnancy is the third trimester, extending from the 27th week to the day of delivery. This stage has no special symptoms as such, but comes with a feeling of mixed emotions – the happiness to see the ‘bundle of joy’! The stages before taking it in the arms are considered to be the happiest days in a mother’s life. The expectation, the eagerness and hopes tend to cross all boundaries. The joy of a mom knows no bounds, when the little one arrives.






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