Symptoms of Pregnancy

There are many different symptoms of pregnancy and some of them may mean other things so a woman should be aware of the symptoms which may or may not point to pregnancy. The first symptom of pregnancy may not even be a first missed period there can be other symptoms which make themselves felt as early as two days to one week of conception. One symptom of pregnancy may be a rise in your basal temperature and this rise will continue and perhaps extend beyond the next period.

This is a symptom of pregnancy which can be noticed as early as two days after conceptions and is usually measured by a special thermometer. A woman may have implantation bleeding which can occur when the fertilized egg implants itself on the wall of the womb. This occurs six to twelve days after conception and some women may also experience spotting or cramping thinking that she is going to get her period.

After the first week of conception a woman may feel unusual tired even if she isn’t doing any physical work. Of course with this symptom of pregnancy may be misleading because you can feel fatigued due to other things like even a virus in your system.

It is always important for a woman to know her own body. A symptom of pregnancy can be tender breasts and breast enlargement and can occur one to two weeks after conception. The area around the nipples can darken as the breasts ready for breastfeeding. A woman may wake up in the morning to nausea and vomiting. A great symptom of pregnancy just be sure that there’s no stomach flu or virus going around especially if there have been no other symptoms.

Most of these symptoms of pregnancy can occur even before the first missed period and if they have and then a woman misses her period most likely she is pregnant.

A woman my find that her lower back especially is hurting more and more as her body begins to take on weight and starts to expand.

Because of what is happening in the woman’s body and hormonal surges she may discover that she is more prone to headaches. This is a symptom which a woman should be careful of because considering it to be just a headache she may take some medication which shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women. So if headaches bother you more than usually just in case you are pregnant take medication which doesn’t say don’t take if pregnant. Another rather unpleasant symptom of pregnancy is frequent urination and this can occur six to eight weeks after conception. Finally a woman’s appetite usually increases and she gets odd cravings. So if you’re usually not a big eater or a very picky eater who suddenly discovers herself eating food she normally wouldn’t eat it’s time to take it all seriously. Consider how many symptoms of pregnancy you have and get yourself an at home pregnancy test just to be sure.


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