Having a Healthy Pregnancy

All of us are looking forward from having children. We hope and desire to become  pregnant. However, before making the leap to having children, we should think about many things. This article provides you things to consider to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body so you want to make sure that you are healthy. Many people think or claim they are healthy but their lifestyle and habits tell a different story. Things we do today could have huge consequences in the future and so it is a good idea to get into good health promoting habits now especially if you want to make absolutely sure your pregnancy will be a health one.

First of all it is worth improving your diet. This can be easy to do and you can take it slow if you need to. Adding more raw foods into your diet is a great starting point. Try to eat as much fruit as you desire before each meal and aim for a large green salad daily. Also try to cut out caffeinated drinks and juices (unless you are squeezing the juice fresh at home). Caffeine has been shown to delay concept and has a correlation with infertility. Eating more raw foods and cutting out unnecessary empty calories can be easy as it doesn’t require you to change too much of your diet. Once you have nailed this, you can then go on to making your meals healthier. Being healthy doesn’t mean being complicated. Healthy food can be very easy to prepare and you don’t necessarily have to cook to enjoy a satiating meal.

Healthy eating will also ensure that you main a healthy weight. If you are underweight or overweight, these can cause problems with your pregnancy. Many overweight women find themselves suffering from gestational diabetes, while women who are underweight tend to have low birth weight babies.

Besides eating right, you should also make sure you are exercising. Movement is important to health and well being. Walking daily is a great form of exercise and something you can do in your pregnancy do. The most important aspect of exercise is find things you enjoy doing. Maybe buy a trampoline and use it every other day, while the other days you go for a run or a walk or a dance class. Enjoy it and it won’t seem like exercise but just fun. Swimming and cycling are also great activities to get moving.

Lastly quit smoking, drugs and alcohol. These will affect your pregnancy, ability to conceive and can contribute to miscarriage.

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