Low Blood Pressure during Stages of Pregnancy ? Causes and Treatment

Motherhood is a blessing. As soon as a woman gets pregnancy early signs like morning sickness or missing a period, she rushes to the doctor for confirmation. A woman who had signs of pregnancy feels wonderful with the fact that there is a life within her. The feeling is inexpressible. But along with the beauty of motherhood, comes the issues associated with it. A pregnant woman needs to be very careful at all stages of pregnancy. Every stage comes with its own complication. However, there is no need to worry. It’s natural and part of pregnancy.

One such issue that is common during the initial stage of pregnancy is low blood pressure also known as Hypotension. The blood pressure of pregnant women goes down in the first stage, i.e. the first 24 weeks and then rises to normal eventually in final stage. Low blood pressure is often connected with dizziness and fainting. Though it is not a health risk like high blood pressure, fainting and falling because of low blood pressure can be a serious issue.

Causes of Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

The biggest cause of low blood pressure during pregnancy is dehydration. When the body dehydrates, it affects the flow of blood in the body. Hot temperatures and standing for a long period of time can also be a risk factor contributing to low blood pressure. Other factors that can cause low blood pressure are:

Blood pools in your legs during pregnancy, making less blood available to the brain. Thus, when you get up from a lying position, you may feel faint or dizzy.
Certain sexual hormones are released in pregnant women’s body leading to the widening of blood vessels. This heightens nausea, dizziness, cold, depression and problems of vision.
When the circulatory system of a pregnant woman expands to adjust itself to cater to the blood supply for the baby, it may lead to low blood pressure.
A history of certain diseases like those of heart or endocrine system can cause hypotension.
Pressure increases on the large blood vessels when the uterus enlarges, leading to low blood pressure.
Anemia and low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) can also cause hypotension during pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Once you have pregnancy symptoms, you must not take anything lightly. Issues like anemia, low blood pressure etc all are part of your pregnancy. When your blood pressure is too low, insufficient blood flows to the brain. The brain does not receive oxygen and nutrients and thus you may experience the symptoms of hypotension. The tips for identifying low blood pressure are to look at the following symptoms:

dizziness or fainting
blurred vision

Precautions to Avoid Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Along with pregnancy signs, comes the sign of various other problems like low blood pressure, anemia etc. to prevent yourself from low blood pressure, you must do the following:

Drink a lot of water and other fluids to avoid dehydration.
Don’t be hungry for long hours, eat at regular intervals.
Lay on your side rather than your back. This will also help with sciatic nerve and back pain.
Take it slowly while getting up from a lying or sitting position.
Sit or lie down if you feel faint and put your head lower than your body.
Regularly exercise according to your physician-approved exercise regimen. This will keep blood pressure normal.
Take adequate rest.
Go for regular check-ups and follow a regulated lifestyle.

Treatment of Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Blood pressure returns to normal at the second stage of pregnancy. So generally hypotension may not need any medicinal treatment. The treatment would be directed towards the cause. If low blood pressure is caused by dehydration, the doctor can treat it with intravenous fluids. If it is caused by blood pooling in legs, it can be treated with the help of graduated compression stockings. The doctor would recommend a healthy diet to prevent low blood sugar levels and anemia. In case the symptoms of low blood pressure are high, take the medicines prescribed by the doctor. To avoid any risk-related to hypotension, visit the doctor regularly.

Right from pregnancy early signs till delivery, if you take precautions necessary to prevent hypotension and other problems, you experience of pregnancy would be enriching and wonderful.


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