Vital Facts About Yeast Infections During Pregnancy

There are many people today that are currently suffering severe discomfort brought by their yeast infection. The symptoms of this discomfort are something that you can’t just ignore. The symptoms of this infection are severe itchiness, burning sensation, creamy white vaginal discharges and unpleasant genital odour. Apart from these physical symptoms of the condition, patients are also most likely to suffer low self-esteem and serious depression.

Indeed, this infection could totally ruin your lifestyle. But no matter how hard it is for women trying to prevent this infection, there are still instances where this condition may occur, particularly to those who are about to be a mother. You should know that yeast infection during pregnancy is the type of infection that is very hard to prevent. About 15% of pregnant women have to suffer this infection. Pregnant women have a very high risk of this infection because of their condition and could strongly occur during the second trimester period of the pregnancy.

For unaware mothers, you may think that the discomforts that you are experiencing right now are just part of some hormonal changes of your body. But this may also be a sign that you are currently having a yeast infection during pregnancy. Thus, you will need the help of your trusted gynaecologist to ensure your safety. Your doctor will simply get a few samples of your discharge to undergo a series of laboratory tests. If they find out that you really are experiencing a yeast infection during pregnancy, they would likely prescribe you an antibacterial ointment to temporarily treat your irritation.

Of course as a mother, you are probably thinking about the effect of your yeast bacteria will have to the health of your child.

Well the good news is; yeast infection during your pregnancy has no harmful effects to the developing child inside your body. But there is still a chance that your new born child could contract your infection as he or she passes through your birth canal during your labour. However, medical experts say that this is not a serious thing and could easily be treated.

Yeast infection during pregnancy should not ruin this very significant part of your life. Pregnancy should provide happy moments that you can cherish all your life. If you think you have yeast infection during this period, don’t let yourself suffer in silence. There are many safe ways to naturally cure this infection. You can ask your trusted doctors about it.

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