Signs of Pregnancy

For any woman who is longing to become pregnant the first signs of such a possibility can be scary and exciting. Most women who have been trying to become pregnant for a long time already have most of the warning signs of pregnancy memorized and are keeping their fingers crossed as each month passes by.

Women usually get quite excited when they have their first missed period and hope that they may be pregnant. Just keep in mind that you can miss your period also due to a change in your diet and excursive and stress levels can also make you miss or delay your period. If you have been very worried about something lately it can also make you late. So consider all the facts carefully before you jump to any conclusions.

There are women who have a bit of spotting after around two weeks after the first day of their previous period and this can be a sign of pregnancy. This spotting occurs when the fertilized egg implants in the uterus and the spotting itself is very light. Early on in pregnancy women get hormonal surges which can bring on mood swings which can be more severe than those that women experience during PMS.

If you are usually good natured and suddenly become hard to get along with your family will notice right away and this can be a sign saying that you’re pregnant. Check your body because another sign of pregnancy can be breast tenderness and enlargement which is the result of the breast preparing for breastfeeding and can be noticed early in pregnancy. Another sign of pregnancy is fatigue but of course there can be many different reasons why you might be unusually tired.

So you might want to think about what might be making you fatigued and if there are no underlying circumstances then perhaps you may be pregnant.

The next symptom varies from woman to woman and that is nausea and vomiting or as in pregnancy it is known as morning sickness. Some women have no nausea at all and feel great, others have it in the morning and feel good the rest of the day and some are just plain nauseas most of the time. Again don’t forget that nausea and vomiting may also be caused by some nasty stomach virus, the flu or perhaps something you ate.

So take it as a sign of pregnancy but make sure your not just simply sick. You may discover that your appetite has changed. If you used to pick at your food or eat very little you may now find that you have a great increase in appetite and may be eating for two. You may also discover that you have some strange food cravings. Mostly this is all as sign of pregnancy and these symptoms will stay with you through the pregnancy and up to the time you’re ready to deliver. If you have any of these symptoms or a combination of symptoms it’s time to get an at home pregnancy test.


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