Healthy Weight Loss – How to Grocery Shop For Success

Healthy weight loss will basically be the positive result of leading a health and wellness lifestyle. What you eat is only one area in the process but for now we will look at grocery shopping. How you eat from childhood on can have a direct result on weight issues later in life. Therefore, you will want to look at what food changes will bring about your goals for health. The process actually begins well before going to the grocery store or even the restaurant. Healthy choices with intent and planning are the first steps.

Depending on what type of nutritional plan you have decided upon, as well as if you are cooking for a family, with or without children; it all needs to fit well together. Honestly I don’t know anyone who achieved long term success controlling their own food plan and feeding the family poorly with sugary or salty snacks, sugared pops and oversized portions; let alone stopping by fast foods restaurants on any kind on a regular basis.

Grocery shopping for nutritional eating can be quite satisfying for your taste buds. It is quite possible to actually attain healthy weight loss by selecting the appropriate recipes and that too without compromising on the taste factors. One thing many people don’t realize that once they have removed sugar and processed foods from their meals, what they do taste totally changes. But I don’t expect you to believe that until you experience it. Sweet vegetables and more are awaiting your discovery.

Healthy choices for grocery shopping

• First and foremost, always shop with a plan. Sit down each week and plan written menus for yourself or family. Consider number of servings, snacks and drinks for each meal.

Be prepared is the word of the day. If you’re going to have a restaurant meal, be prepared for that with your choices made before you ever even leave the house.

• Check your pantry and see what you need to purchase. Then make a list and stick to it! It is surprising how this not only gives you the tools for great meals but saves so much extra money as well. People in general that shop often and without well planned lists spend a lot on impulsive items, most often which are poor food choice anyway. Just makes good money for the store. Only exception should be on staples when they are on sale. Having a well stocked pantry helps so you don’t feel deprived either.

• There is a wise saying for those that take advantage of quality nutrition for their family. It is: Shop the outside edge of any grocery store (with the exception of natural food co-ops).

• Think about it, what is on the outside edge of the grocery store? You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy which includes milk, cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese and such, meats, foul and fish, eggs, breads and often your bulk food items of legumes, whole grains, nuts, flours, rices, barley and other items that are rich in nutrients.

• Always choose to buy the raw and fresh vegetables and fruits instead of pre-processed, both frozen and pre-packaged products. These types of food absorb the energy from the sun and all their enzymes remain intact with freshness. It is easier to lose weight and maintain health by consuming these types of food.

• Shop for nutritious foods which are simple to prepare and the ones which are high in proteins and other necessary nutrients. You will want to stock more fruits, vegetables and fresh greens in your refrigerator. These foods cause gradual and gentle detoxification, and thereby great results in healthy weight loss. Keep a nice bowl of fruit and chopped ready to eat vegetable tray in the refrigerator. There are many tasty dips for those vegetables too, some even high in protein.

• Consuming the dry staple food is also very important for our body and therefore it would make a lot of food sense to purchase them while buying the supplies. For example grains, seeds, nuts, whole grain crackers, beans, rice’s, whole grain pastas and more.

Some other tips:

• Select canned tuna and fruits which are packed in water, and not in oil or any other sauce.

• Read the labels for the hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated words. It denotes the amount of unhealthy trans-fatty acids which the food will contain.

• Do not buy chicken or turkey with the skin on it. Skinned out white meat is a much healthier food to eat. Or if you are watching your budget, skin them yourself at home. This is very easy to do.

• When you select frozen foods, select the ones which are not only low in fat, but also low in cholesterol and sodium as well. Salt can increase your blood pressure by retaining water in your body. Keep all frozen foods at a minimum for your health’s sake.

• You could buy calcium fortified orange juice to satisfy your calcium needs. Whole wheat bread is very healthy for your body.

• Buy low-fat snacks, preplanned of course. Make sure you can get low-fat snacks when you feel the urge to munch on something. Un-buttered popcorn is a good example. If you think of buying ‘treats’ – stop and feel, what does ‘treats’ mean to you? Using food as a reward instead of hunger and nutrition will easily set people back.

You will be able to shed off any unnecessary body weight by choosing nutritious food instead of high fat food. Also it allows you to eat more volume when it is highly nutritious.

Consuming healthy choices for food can affect the way you feel and look every minute of the day. Therefore, you will need to make it a point to shop for healthy food to eat every day. With this being one of the stepping stones to your weight plan; you can achieve healthy weight loss by checking even the small things while grocery shopping.

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