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There are a lot of wonderful food choices that anyone who loves Indian food will want to try out. From appetizers to get you ready for the main dish, to numerous side dishes guaranteed to round out your complete dining experience. After your main course or courses, try out some of these amazing deserts and top it all off with a great beverage of your choice. You can get all of this food delivery with our local restaurant delivery.


Try one of our tasty Samosas. The Samosa is a traditional deep fried overstuffed snack that is popular with Indian people. This appetizer is a triangle shaped pastry filled with the customer’s choice of lamb, pork, or vegetables dropped into oil to fry up crispy on the outside and wonderful on the inside. A lot of Samosas are filled with potatoes, and may also include peas, carrots, some curry, and other spices. Many of these Samosas are also served with a side order of chutney.

Another popular appetizer is the Pakora. The Pakora is also a deep fried snack but is different from the Samosa. The Pakora consists of a piece of chicken, beef, potato, onion, tomato, cauliflower, etc. that is taken as a small bite and dropped into oil to deep fry. It is not stuffed into a piece of pastry dough, but it deep fried as it comes, although can be different depending upon the region where they are being made. Pakoras are dipped into a batter made from chic-peas prior to being deep fried.


Kababs are another great dish to have when you want to experience a wonderful taste of India.

Kababs can be made with all sorts of meats and vegetables, just meat or just vegetables. A kabab can be made from just about any meat that we have on hand and most vegetables. Popular kabab choices are chicken with vegetables and lamb with vegetables.


Leavened bread is served and can be had with many different variations. One version is the whole wheat bread which is deep fried before serving to the customer. Another variation is to have the leavened bread stuffed with different foods, such as lamb, cheeses, nuts, onions, raisins and chicken. Or if you desire, you can have our traditional leavened bread without any additions. Bread is an important part of many cultures and is served with many meals.

Side Dishes and Desert

Side dishes are very simple and consist of chutney, beans and rice. Rice is included with most dishes served to our customers. Deserts are simple and consist of fried cheese balls and rice pudding. In addition, there are different beverages, including some Indian beers to sample, as well. One of the most popular is a drink called the mango shake. A mango shake includes mango, of course, with some cream and other flavorings. Experience this unique drink which is a great compliment to any of the meals that we offer. If you have never had Indian food before, take the time to try out some of these dishes, you will not be sorry that you did.

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