What is HUMAN Healthy Vending?

HUMAN Healthy Vending is the leading 100% healthy vending company in the world. It was founded in 2007 to Help Unite Mankind and Nutrition (H.U.M.A.N.) by making healthy eating more convenient. The company places innovative, hi-tech healthy vending machines across the world and gives back 10% of corporate proceeds to charities that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition.

There are three main components to the HUMAN Healthy Vending system:

1) Healthy vending machines
2) Healthy vending snacks
3) Healthy vending program

HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines

HUMAN Healthy Vending uses innovative and proprietary healthy vending machines to deliver healthy foods, drinks, and information to the people that need them most. Their healthy vending machines include:

1) 23″ High-definition LCD screen which displays health tips and nutritional information
2) Credit card readers
3) Advanced remote monitoring with real-time SMS text alerts
4) LED lighting and eco-friendly features that reduce energy consumption by up to 30%
5) Infrared-sensing product elevator that ensures successful product delivery and allows for higher flexibility in product merchandising
6) Conveyor belts instead of coils which allow for higher versatility, better product delivery, and a wider range of different-shaped products.
7) Attractive, industrial-grade graphics wrap (the same type of vinyl that commercial aircraft use)
8) Hot food vending and gourmet coffee options

HUMAN Healthy Vending Snacks

HUMAN Healthy Vending offers over 5000 healthy products for purchase in its healthy vending machines. HUMAN customizes the product mix, or planogram, for each location in which it places its machines and the company has done extensive product research and taste-tests to meet each location’s needs.

HUMAN Healthy Vending Program
The HUMAN Healthy Vending Program melds the unique aspects of the HUMAN Healthy Vending Machines and the HUMAN Healthy Vending Products into a comprehensive HUMAN Healthy Vending Program run by passionate operator partners throughout the world.

HUMAN Healthy Vending partners own and operate their own machines with oversight from HUMAN Healthy Vending corporate. Every single partner is a local operator in the community that is screened to be passionate about health and passionate about business.

Every HUMAN operator partner has a vested interest in each machine’s performance. They are not hourly wage employees. HUMAN Healthy Vending operator partners use remote monitoring to provide better service and to minimize carbon footprint.

Overall, HUMAN Healthy Vending is a “health and nutrition company with a vending problem.” The company uses the channel of vending because of the millions of touch points worldwide and the fact that bringing health foods and drinks TO people is more effective than making people seek out these items on their own.

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