What are the Forbidden Foods During Pregnancy

We all know that for pregnant women, “a person eats can supply nutrients for two”. But if they eat substances harmful to health, the substances will enter the fetus through the placenta the same as nutrients.

Then we’ll introduce the forbidden foods during pregnancy one by one:

Too greasy and spicy food: Too greasy foods are not easy to digest, aggravating the symptoms of stomach discomfort and being pregnant in early pregnancy. The pungent foods and seasonings are easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa, increasing heartburn of stomach during late pregnancy.

Raw or cold food and the precooked foods that are not preserved well: Do not eat Sashimi, Conch and other food without heat treatment. While buying commercially available prepared foods, remember to check the temperature of preserved food premises selling: hot foods should be kept at 65 degrees Celsius or more, and cold foods should be refrigerated controlled at less than 7 degrees Celsius. These foods are common in vegetable market selling cooked food, or the popular sushi bar. Usually we do not know the process and time when they are prepared, so if we eat cooked food that is bacterial contaminated and not fresh, food poisoning will endanger the health of the mother and the fetus.

Moldy food: Avoid eating seemingly moldy vegetables, fruits or dehydrated food from appearance. Just removing the moldy part is not enough, because the harmful substances produced by fungi can penetrate to the deeper, and cannot be destroyed by cooking heat .

Over-processed food: processed foods are often added a lot of salt and sugar.

Excessive intake of salt for pregnant women with toxemia of pregnancy may increase the symptoms of high blood pressure and edema. And foods containing too much sugar such as carbonated beverages, candy, and chocolate and so on are foods that have high calorie but only a small part of nutrients, which can cause weight gaining and overweight problems. In addition, prior to the purchase of processed foods, you should also pay attention to food labeling and manufacturing date to see if there is any additive harmful to human, and whether the food is expired.

Alcohol: Alcohol will flow into the fetus through the placenta, causing abortion and “fetal alcohol syndrome”, including low birth weight and subsequent growth retardation, mental retardation, as well as heart, brain and other deformities. For the sake of the health of next generation, pregnant women had better not drink alcohol.

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