How to Get Pregnant

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant and have failed time and time again it can be quite heartbreaking. The moment of anticipation, the first missed period and then to start bleeding make most women want to just scream. However, the more stress you put upon yourself and your partner just because you so want that little bundle of joy can also make you not have success.

It can especially be disheartening to women who have had a miscarriage already. Now if you’ve tried fertility pills and other methods but have failed to become pregnant start thinking positively. Positive thinking will get you farther than you could even imagine. If you have tried such dimensional treatments like changing sexual position, changing your diet or taking hormone pills and have failed to become pregnant don’t give up.

There are natural and holistic methods which you can try and these can get you pregnant. All the information you require is on-line. Keep in mind that natural methods to help you get pregnant are really the best because any artificial one can also do harm to your body. Ancient methods have also been known to work especially those originating from China.

There are also times of the year when a woman can get pregnant faster than at other times. So it is advisable to read up on the information online to discover the best times to have the chance of getting pregnant. Another great way to help a woman conceive is by eating right. There are foods which are considered fertility foods more than others. Keep in mind to get all the facts about fertility foods because there are also foods which can keep you from becoming pregnant. For a woman who wants to become pregnant it is important to be familiar with your ovulation cycle.

Usually ovulation occurs 14 days into your menstrual cycle so if day one if the first day of you menstruation then your most fertile time will be around two weeks after you last period ends and this fertile time will last for about two to three days. At this time you can have the greatest chance of becoming pregnant. Keep in mind that male fertility gets decreased after repetitive ejaculations. So it is advisable to have a short period of abstinence prior to ovulation because this will result in a higher sperm count and give you an increased chance at pregnancy. Another important thing that both partners can do is to stop smoking. Basically to improve your overall health which in turn then can lead to pregnancy and of course it greatly helps if both of you stop smoking especially for support. Both partners should limit their alcohol intake and have no more than four drinks per week Men with lower sperm count shouldn’t drink at all and the woman should also limit her caffeine intake. If you drink more than two cups of coffee per day it can contribute to difficulty in conceiving.

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