Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy – Facts You Must Be Aware of

How do you react when your doctor tells you that you have uterine fibroids and pregnancy at the same time? Needless to say the first reaction would be panic and despair for most women. Are fibroids in uterus cause capable of causing serious problems during pregnancy? Absolutely not- research has suggested that it is possible to have both uterine fibroids and pregnancy that is trouble-free. Despite suffering from fibroids thousands of women the world over have successfully conceived and delivered normal healthy babies.

Fibroids usually develop in women after the age of 30. This is the time when most of us wish to start our families. The main concern relating to fibroids are –

will it cause infertility?
will it interfere with normal conception?
will it cause complications during labor and delivery?

Statistics indicate that only a small percentage of women face problems related to infertility because of fibroids. Fibroids interfere with fertility when the fibroid tumors in uterus are large in size and are blocking one or both fallopian tubes.

The pain experienced during pregnancy may intensify because of uterine tumors. Uterine tumors are also capable of causing other symptoms like heavy vaginal bleeding, severe backache, pain in the pelvis region etc. Again these fibroid symptoms do not affect all pregnant women. In fact majority of women have normal pregnancy with fibroids.

In any case your doctor will be monitoring the growth of your fibroid tumors in uterus during your entire term. In rare cases certain complication can arise. Some of these are

• long and painful labor
• postpartum hemorrhaging
• stalled labor
• chances of premature delivery

Some of the other concerns related to uterine fibroids and pregnancy are:


Are fibroid tumors in uterus capable of hurting the baby?

Fibroids normally do not cause any harm to your unborn baby. In a research study undertaken to ascertain the impact of fibroids on a developing baby, there was hardly any evidence of uterine tumors causing harm to the unborn baby.

2. Can fibroids cause miscarriage?

This too is a rare possibility. Statistically only 5% of women suffering from fibroids have the risk of miscarrying.

3.Can women with fibroids have a normal delivery?

Women with fibroids will usually be able to have a normal delivery. In some women fibroid tumors in uterus grow near the cervix. If this tumor is large in size it can prevent the baby from coming out through the birth canal. For such women sonogram will be of help in deciding whether to perform a cesarean operation or not.

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