Healthiest Snack Dispenser Foods

Our society is certainly more health conscious than it was in the past, but in a world full of food temptations, it can be difficult to choose the right foods to eat.  Everywhere we go, we are greeted with vending machines or sweet dispensers and although sometimes we can simply walk by, we may have the urge to stop if we’re feeling hungry.  So what are the smart choices to make when confronted with snack machines full of sweet and savory eats?

In terms of vending machines, the good news is that companies are now trying to include healthier foods into the spread to give more options to health conscious individuals.  Obviously chips and regular soda should be avoided.  If you have to drink soda, go with diet.  Water and other natural liquids are better for the body, but diet soda is going to have considerable less sugar and calories than regular soda.  Also, consider carefully your options if you want a snack such as chips.  Baked chips are better than fried ones, so if you’re really in a bind, go with the baked.

For children, it may be easy to just buy them a candy bar from a vending machine, however candy bars contain a lot of sugar and, in the long run, won’t make a child full.  Instead, try a bag of pretzels or a natural fruit snack if they’re available.  With these snacks, your child will not crash from a sugar high.

Regarding the food and peanut dispenser machines at the grocery store; you’ve probably stood in front of this wall of dispensers thinking most of the items look fairly healthy.  However, be aware that even food held in dispensers marked “organic,” can be high in sugar, sodium and calories.  If you’re really trying to be health conscious, look for the foods that seem to be completely natural such as those free from added salt and sugar.

You may see a peanut dispenser machine that has a trail mix of chocolate, salted peanuts and pretzels.  While tempting, try the mix that contains unsalted nuts, dried fruit and perhaps a less fattening nut option, like almonds.

There are healthy options out there, it just takes a moment to stop and think, and a bit of logical reasoning when your stomach is craving junk food.  Going with healthier options when confronted with a snack dispenser will make you feel more energized and ready to take on the day and you’ll feel so pleased with yourself for taking control rather than acting on impulse.

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