Pregnancy and Its Symptoms

Every woman’s dream is to have a baby after marriage. It’s probably one of the things that a woman can call an accomplishment. Seeing your baby after a long day of work can lighten things up for you and may relieve some of the stress that you feel especially if your baby gives you that refreshing smile. But before you get to have a baby, of course you need to be pregnant. How do you know if you’re pregnant? Well, that will be our topic, we will discuss the general symptoms of pregnancy.

What are the common symptoms of pregnancy?

1. Morning sickness – Nausea, with or without vomitting – This is one of the most basic symptoms of pregnancy. This will show up between 14 days to – 56 days after the conception. While other feel nauseous throughout their pregnancy, some women don’t deal with this.

2. Implantation bleeding – This is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy aside from missing a regular menstrual cycle. Significant number of women experience spotting and some cramping.

3. Fatigue – This is because of the soar of the hormone progesterone soar but there are times that your energy is sapped because of the lower blood pressure and increased blood production. This normally happens during the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Food cravings – This will occur on a woman’s entire pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, you will feel cravings for certain foods.

5. Backaches – This may be a symptom that occurs in the first trimester of your pregnancy stage.

6. Frequent Urination – This could be a hassle especially if you’re watching your favorite TV show but this normally happens 6-8 weeks after conception.

7. Constipation – This happens due to the increase in progesterone which causes food to pass slowly through the intestines.

You’ll more likely to begin experiencing this on the early stages of pregnancy.

8. Mood swings – Well, husbands don’t like this but this is caused by the hormones in the body on the early pregnancy stages that usually makes a woman emotional and weepy.

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