Painless Exercises for Pregnancy Women

It is often the case that when a woman becomes pregnant, she will try to prepare everything for the sake of her baby. She will often prepare things such as baby cart because her baby will need it. Unfortunately, most pregnant women out there tend to forget something in common. They forget about taking exercises during their pregnancy. Fortunately, there are quite a few painless exercises for a pregnant woman to perform.


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Carry out arm or upper back stretching exercise. This is also known as flying arm exercise. To carry this out, put the arms up over the head. At the same time, keep the elbows positioned straight while one palm faces the other palm. Stay this way for a minimum of about twenty seconds. Then, lower the arms to the side. In addition to that, maintain the upper back in a straight position. Eventually, bring together the backs of the hands far behind the back and then stretch them.

Abdominal muscle exercise is another exercise a pregnant woman can do. Yet, prior to carrying out this exercise, it is of utmost importance to make sure that nothing is wrong with the advanced separation. This is meant to prevent further separation.

With that being said, it is important to make sure that there is a seam that runs up and down dividing the abdominal muscle making two halves of the muscle. However, during pregnancy, this seam will soften due to the hormones that show up during pregnancy.

Last but not least, calf stretch exercise is what a pregnant woman can do.

To do this, lean against a firm surface — a wall will usually do. Then, reach a leg, any leg, behind and then maintain the heel positioned on the floor. Then, stretch the calf by leaning against the wall. Do this for as long as around twenty or thirty seconds. Repeat this using the legs in turn. This is also a good exercise to carry out in order to reduce cramps that often take place during the night.

Kegel exercise is another good idea. This is to tone the muscle known as pubococcygeal — PC for short. To carry out this exercise, squeeze that particular muscle for up to 5 seconds, relax for another 5 seconds and then squeeze it again. Then, carry out the flutter exercises. This means squeezing and releasing in turns. It is recommended to carry out a hundred times of kegel exercises each day.

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