Easy Healthy Diet Plan – Stock Up With Healthy Convenient Pantry Foods

Easy healthy diet plan basics include stocking up on healthy pantry foods. I’m going to give you a list of some great healthy pantry foods that are essential ingredients for many healthy recipes and snacks. You may be familiar with most of these. If not, I invite you to give them a try. They are excellent healthy staple ingredients.

Couscous – A great food with a funny name. The best way I can describe couscous is that it is a flavor combination of rice and pasta. It resembles tiny round balls of pasta. Couscous is a whole grain that takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking. It cooks in minutes making it a perfect healthy pantry food.

Brown rice – brown rice is a healthier version of white rice. Again, it is a whole grain and cooks in minutes making it very convenient to have on hand. It also adds variety to your meals.

Whole wheat pasta – Just substitute whole wheat pasta in place of regular pasta in your favorite dishes. You will instantly have a much healthier version of your recipe. Whole wheat pasta is available in spaghetti noodles, elbow macaroni, spiraled, lasagna noodles, and a variety of other pasta shapes.

Canned vegetables – Although canned may not be your first choice for vegetables, canned vegetables offer convenience and a long shelf life in your pantry.

Pickles – There are many varieties of pickles. Since they are mostly water, they offer a healthy alternative to other quick and convenient snacks.

Canned Fruits – Be careful with choosing your canned fruits. It is best to stick with no sugar added products and fruits canned in their natural juice for your healthy diet plan.

Of course there are many other pantry foods that would fit perfectly into an easy healthy diet plan, but these are definitely my top six choices.

These are a great base to start with and eventually you will develop your own must have pantry list.

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