Low Carb Food Pyramid

Do you even know what your food-pyramid should look like? Is the low carb food pyramid an effective tool to use for weight-watchers? The real truth lies a great deal on your physical condition, and also what is recommended by your doctor.

The main point of the food pyramid is to guide folks in making the right dietary choices. While the basic food pyramid lists recommended items by food groups ( with foods at the pyramid’s base recommended to be eaten the most, and those higher up the pyramid to be consumed in moderation ), revisions and new axioms have sprung in recent years.

Weight-watchers looking for a low carb food pyramid as reference point to jump start their journey to a slimmer, healthier figure may refer to the Okinawa Diet Plan by Dr. Bradley Wilcox and Craig Wilcox. It presents low-glycemic index good carbs together with beneficial proteins and healthy fats. It can help folks who are focused on sticking to their weight loss agenda as it is built by caloric density.

Foods with low caloric density will satiate folks more, so lessening snacking or cravings for unhealthy food. Folks who need to cut back their weight or just need to stay healthy turn to caloric density, or the calories existing for each gram of food. Most fruits, like apple or banana, have a caloric density of .59 to .6. Healthy brown rice has a caloric density of 1.2, as against bacon, which is 5.56.

As far as the low carb food pyramid goes, dieters are advised to take much low-starch veggies, meat, pork, eggs & chickens, fish, seafood, and monounsaturated fats ; use nuts, cheese, plain yogurt and polyunsaturated fats in moderation ; eat berries, legumes, and low-glycemic fruits in little servings only ; and to restrain intake of sweets, grains, starches, bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

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