A Week By Week Advance Of Pregnancy

In pregnancy is the most anticipated stage of a womans life. This stage is full of new experiences, especially when the pregnancy is for the first time. The complete phase of a pregnancy lasts for about forty weeks, give or take a few weeks here and there. This stage is them divided into roughly three parts or trimesters. Each trimester has its own distinct characteristics. Those that exist in the first usually fade away by the time the next trimester comes about. In each of the stage, the baby develops from a nascent stage to a more mature stage. The following is a summary of a pregnancy week by week.

The first trimester lasts upto twelve weeks. When seen briefly, there are alterations in pregnancy symptoms week by week. This is when the ovulation and fertilization occurs. The egg is fertilized by the sperm. This fertilization usually occurs in the fallopian tube, where the baby grows. The next stage that comes is called implantation. The egg that has been fertilized by the sperm appends to the uterine wall. The first formation to happen is that of the nervous system, in the form of the neural tube. The heart and circulatory system develop next.

When the fifth month concludes, there are more major changes happening. The umbilical tube forms next, along with significant organs like lungs, feet, hands, and arms. Other emerging pregnancy symptoms week by week are observed. The heart is beginning to acquire its full functions. As the sixth week comes, the movement of limbs can be felt. At this stage, the expansion of brain cells is rapid. Eyes begin to be developed, though they remain closed throughout. In the seventh and sixth week of the pregnancy, the stomach, liver, pancreas, and the intestines come about. Later elbows come to support the arms.

The next development is the gum line that forms the base of teeth later. The week by week advance happens as bones and cartilages grow. Internal organs like the digestive system advance as do the eyes. Fingers also develop along with their fingerprints. Week eleven will bring hair and nails with it. Kidneys have already started functioning and the progress of the pregnancy week by week is rapid. The cornea and iris are being formed in the shut eye lids. Genitals also come about and gender can be determined at this stage. All internal organs complete growing.

Ears take their position at the side of the head. The muscle system is still weak but is gaining strength. The next stage brings constant growth. The final shape of all organs is happening. The neck of the baby becomes more stable and gains strength. The placenta is at its busiest stage right now. Glands like the thyroid develop and even secrete hormones, but in small quantities. The skin is transparent at this point and very fine hair appears on the body.

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