Interesting Facts about Pregnancy

Human pregnancy may be the most studied of all mammalian pregnancies. Childbirth is considered to be the beginning of the infants’ life. A woman is in labour while giving birth which is a painful experience for the woman. There are many interesting, sometimes weird, pregnancy facts few people may know.

Most pregnant women have glowing skin as the amount of blood increase by 50%. The blood increase can be easily recognized through the skin, particularly the cheeks. Active oil glands result in a softer and shinier appearance.


Glowing skin

Throughout their entire pregnancy, it is necessary for women to gain about 25 pounds. Thus, they need to supplement 300 calories per day, which proves that pregnant women do not really need to eat for two.


You don’t really need to eat for two

During pregnancy, women’s sense of smell gets better.


Better sense of smell

Most mothers suffer from muscle cramps for the first several days after birth.


Contractions don’t stop after birth

25-pound gains can make pregnant women’s feet flatter and wider as excess weight puts pressure on their feet.

Bigger feet


Couvade syndrome or male pregnancy experience refers to a condition in which a father-to-be experiences some physical symptoms of pregnancy.

Most pregnancies last for around 9 months. However, the pregnancy can last over a year. The world’s longest pregnancy lasted 375 days.


The pregnancy can last over a year.


Commonly, women accidentally expel the contents of their bowels during childbirth.

Most of women have some types of tearing after giving birth. The degrees are various, thus requiring few or many stitches.


Most women’s undercarriage might need stitches after birth.


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