Healthy Sandwich Ideas

As a child, I never ate sandwiches. Over the years though, as I started making my own lunches every day, I realized the value of the sandwich as a lunch box savior. These sandwiches are just a start to expand your range of sandwich possibilities here are several healthy sandwich ideas to get you going!

It starts with the bread plain bread alternatives: Pita bread, tortillas, dinner rolls, naan bread, challah bread, bagels, English muffins, pain de mie, rye bread, flatbread, butter lettuce leaves don’t be afraid to branch out! If you are looking for optimum healthy bread options, try picking a bread with several grams of fiber per slice, and whole grains – preferably ones you can actually see in the bread.

Good Spread options: pesto, hummus, olive tapenade as a basis for any sandwich, just add vegetables. To add some punch, try some whole grain dijon mustard (Maille brand is a favorite), or a thin spread of harissa – a north African chili paste.

Textural additions: try adding raisins, granola, sesame seeds, pickles, cornichon pickles, chocolate chips, popcorn or potato crisps (if you are eating the sandwich right away).

Try some of these combination and you won’t be bored at lunch time any more!

Omnivore sandwiches:

pep up your chicken or tuna salad with some lemon juice, paprika, and chopped onion
egg salad and with steamed or grilled asparagus on baguette or pain de mie
smoked salmon and cream cheese (sprinkle of dill or capers optional)
turkey, cream cheese and tomato on a toasted bagel
bacon and avocado, or bacon, lettuce and tomato
soft cheese such as brie or goat with grated carrot, coarse salt, and cracked pepper
hummus and a poached or fried egg
turkey and cucumber raita on naan bread

Vegan sandwiches (vegetarian addition in brackets):
(honey), peanut butter, and banana
banana and chopped dates (ricotta)
sliced avocado and olive oil with a sprinkle of salt and pepper on rye bread
hummus and cucumber
grilled asparagus with lemon vinaigrette and lettuce wraps
almond butter, strawberry jam, and mango

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