35 and 36 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant

So, you are very near to the birth time as you have already spent 34 weeks of pregnancy and you are not far away. It is now the time to get ready for the coming baby. Remember, last weeks are even more vital for you and your baby so you have no margin of error. Keep yourself active and prepared to face labor at any time in the coming weeks. Almost all the organs of your baby are developed now with an exclusion of lungs. They are still developing and in last phase of their development. The growth of lungs is very vital as he has to breathe on his own after birth with any medical facility.

Your baby has now grown to the size as a normal newborn baby. He has a smooth, soft skin with a good number of thick hairs on his head. Here it is important to given an important distinction between fair color babies and dark color babies, i.e. dark color babies normally have more hairs on their heads than babies having fair complexion. The body is still surrounded by vernix.

Apart from making movements, your baby is now responds with facial expressions. Any loud noise makes your baby to move strongly. You may even feel your baby responding in reaction to your voice or even music. A baby in the womb usually hears half the volume that one can hear in general. Talking to your baby at this stage can be a good idea.

36 Weeks Pregnant

By this stage of pregnancy, Braxton Hicks tightenings become the most prominent problem for most of the women. As the time of labor is coming near, you have to start preparing from it. Those who are expecting their first baby, these last weeks are hard to pass for them as they are intentionally waiting for the moment when they have their babies in their laps.

Including labor, the following few weeks are equally important for you and your baby.

The major growth is still in progress for the lungs as they are not yet completely developed and your baby is still not capable of breathing on his own. Subcutaneous fats continue to deposit underneath the baby’s skin as these fats deposits are a vital part of baby’s development. The nails are prominent over the fingers and toes are soft and appear like a thin paper. There are chances that by now your baby has positioned himself in head-down position in the uterus, but it is not always possible. Your midwife or doctor is the only person who can tell about the position of the baby at this point by examining the abdomen.

You continue to feel movements in the uterus. Although, there is not enough space left for the baby to move aggressively, you can still observe slightest of movements made by baby such as stretching legs or arms, flickering of hands and shifting movements as in position or turning sides etc.

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