Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food

It is inevitable for many of us not to eat in fast food restaurants. With our busy schedule at work and a truck load of commitments, it is certainly difficult to stay away from eating fast food. On the bright side, some items on your favorite restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King are actually not as bad as you think. Some of these ‘junk foods’ contain low calories and less fat. Definitely, you can now devour tasty fast food meals without feeling the guilt.

How to eat healthy in fast food chains

1. Research about nutritional facts – Most of the leading fast food restaurants has nutritional facts in their website. Before you head down or plan on eating McDonald’s, make sure you’ve browsed over their website first or research about the nutritional information of their food. Go with those that are less than 300 calories and low fat.

2. Take out the mayonnaise – When ordering a sandwich or salad, make sure you leave out the mayo. Mayonnaise contains a lot of fat and calories.

3. Pick smaller / regular servings – The bigger your sandwich is, the more calories you consume. Instead of a double stacker, or a quarter pounder, go for a regular sized hamburger without fries and water for drink. Be careful of the sauce as well. Make sure it’s fat free or low calorie.

4. Stack up the veggies – Don’t be fooled by the healthy, green salads served in these restaurants. Some of them still contain high amounts of fat and salt. To stay low cal, take out the croutons and bump up the veggies.

Don’t choose fried chicken as a protein content of your salad. Go with grilled chicken salad instead. Choose low fat dressing such as low fat honey mustard or vinegar. You may also choose to bring your own.

5. Take out the buns – There are some restaurants that serve lettuce wrapped sandwiches. Instead of your regular bun hamburger, choose the wraps.

6. Grilled over friend – Grilled is always healthier than fried. Fried chicken contains fat and added calories from the breading and the oil used to fry the chicken. On the other hand, there are grilled sandwiches that are stacked up with calories due to the added ingredients in the bun. Research first about the nutritional facts of your desired meals before actually ordering them.

7. Say no to fries and soda – Remember, once you add French fries to your meal, you’ve already added tons of calories to your diet. Cut down on the fries. Instead of soda, order water or juice. If you’re craving for these two junk foods, make sure you order the regular size. Don’t supersize or go large.

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