Eating Healthy and the BMI

A lot of people nowadays have already started being conscious with their health, if we are going to compare it fifteen or twenty years ago. This is maybe because of the diseases that we are commonly seeing in the society that somehow scare us. But there are a lot of factors why there is an increase in health-related deaths these days. The lifestyle has totally changed. Younger people now tend to party a lot, so there is more alcohol and caffeine and everything else.


Being conscious with your health can be very beneficial to your life. You are not only suppressing early ageing, but also giving you more time to enjoy life and what it offers. Watching the food you eat is important in order to be healthy not just outside, but on the inside as well. Because true beauty as what they say, comes from within.


We are more mindful now on how heavy we weigh. And that is why the weighing scale is always being used in the morning, to measure if we are still on the right track. More specifically, we use the BMI, or the body mass index, based on the person’s weight and height to quantitatively measure the human body fat. This way, you will be able to know if your weight is just right for your height and vice versa. Using the BMI, you will be able to identify if that person is overweight, even though he is that tall. So it simply states that each individual has a different BMI than the other, all depending on the how tall and how heavy he is. You will be able to determine a person’s body mass index by using his weight divided by the height and then evaluate the result to the BMI chart.


So it will all boil down to what we take inside our body. Eating green and leafy vegetables, together with fruits rich in vitamins and minerals are essential parts of a diet. Sugar and fat consumption should be minimal, alongside other food and drinks loaded with preservatives. Smoking and alcohol drinking should also be avoided, in order for our internal system to function properly. By following these simple guides, you will notice a natural glow and will appreciate the benefits of eating and living healthy. After all, health is our very investment that we should be taking care of, for us to live longer and enjoy life to the fullest.


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