Delicious Thailand seafood

Sea food is famous all over the world because of the different varieties and taste. Seafood is also a healthy food as it helps in the growth of brain and the body without addition of fat to the body. Fish contains low cholesterol levels and contains elements which help in reducing cholesterol.  Although sea food is known to be a high-class dish, people have enjoyed all kinds of sea food specialties since the antiquity. Due to the enormous collection and most commonly served sea food cuisines are known to be the Japanese, Thai, Fried calamari, Clam Chowder and Moules frites. Although the term sea food generally stands for both sea animals and seaweeds used in the culinary domain. Seaweed is rarely considered among the most wanted sea food dishes but, fishes, shellfish, mollusks and crustaceous are cooked and served all over the globe.

Thai dishes are prepared with strong aromatic components. The spiciness of Thai cuisine is well known, these cuisines are also very famous for Thailand seafood with the variety of dishes. It is a myth across the globe that unless and until Thailand seafood item is not there in the menu then it is not complete. Even Vietnam seafood is very famous around the world and it is a very unique type of coking which includes fish sauce, soy sauce, rice, fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables different types of herbs and ingrains. Vietnamese recipes utilize a diverse range of herbs, including lemongrass, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander and Thai basil leaves. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for freshness of the ingredients and for the healthy eating style .The most common meats used in Vietnamese cuisine and Thai cuisine are fish, chicken, pork, beef, and various kinds of Vietnam seafood.

They also love Vannamei, are favorite dishes in Vietnam apart from that they like fresh water shrimp which is bit difficult to get. The most common fact about these cuisines are Vietnam seafood but these are prepared using various ingredients and in different forms to make it more special. Seafood like shrimp can be prepared in more than 5 to 6 types of dishes which will include different ingredients and style of cooking.

Now it is not like you need to be in Thailand to taste Thailand seafood or to taste the seafood found in those sea. Technology has helped fishery industry to a great extent by making the distance short. Now fishes from around the world can be exported to any part of the country, so you get the benefit of tasting Thai fish in your country itself. There are many other ways also like fishes are sold as frozen solid which will be fresh as soon as you cook them. These frozen fishes can be preserved for pretty long time. Earlier this was difficult and many people were not able to taste the fishes which were not available in their country but now anybody can taste any kind of fish. Technology has helped the fishery industry to grow very fast.

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