Benefits Of Using Pregnancy Yoga Dvd

Prenatal yoga has so many health benefits, many of which are compounded in a pregnant woman, from the breathing that is enhanced by the stretching to the strength that one builds as one learns to do the different moves. Prenatal yoga teacher training program will provide the student with the information and skills necessary to effectively guide pregnant women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend that moms-to-be participate in thirty minutes of daily exercise. Prenatal yoga is a great way to fulfill this recommendation and can typically be performed during the entire pregnancy. Here are some additional benefits of pregnancy yoga DVD:

1. Asana can be performed in the privacy and comfort of the home. However a group of moms-to-be can exercise together for support and camaraderie.

2. A primary focus of prenatal yoga is deep breathing. Pregnancy exercise DVD helps to learn deep breathing and can help with labor and parenthood.

3. Meditation is also an important part of prenatal yoga. In addition, meditation has been proven to lower stress levels, again ideal during both pregnancy and parenting.

4. The three concepts, breathing, meditation and strengthening can help a mom focus while maintaining calm and breeze through labor, barring any unforeseen complications.

5. Yoga will help moms-to-be keep their bodies in shape during pregnancy, which will help them more easily regain their pre-pregnancy shapes.

6. Since pregnancy can be so physically draining, due to yogas restorative powers, it can help rejuvenate a mom, which is something she may need daily.

7. Some prenatal yoga DVDs can help moms-to-be ease lower back aches, which can accompany pregnancy during the second and third trimesters. Yoga can also improve circulation, which is something that is often compromised when baby is sharing moms space.

8. Pregnancy yoga DVDs can help moms-to-be master the poses. Pregnancy causes ones center of gravity to shift, which can cause unbalance. Having the DVD at home can allow moms the opportunity to practice.

9. Certain poses open up the pelvis, like the Cobblers Pose, which will aid in natural childbirth. The Pelvic Tilt also relieves back pressure and helps move babies into more advantageous positions.

The benefits of using a prenatal yoga DVD are plentiful. It is a great way to recapture lost energy, relax and achieve balance during a joyful, but stressful time in life. Apart from this, prenatal yoga provides numerous benefits for baby like calming moms heart rate and helping her achieve serenity.

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