A Recipe For a Healthy Pregnancy Diet

A healthy pregnancy diet can be compared to a good recipe. In a recipe, there is a list of ingredients provided in order to come up with a delicious dish. If the cook misses out on a certain ingredient, then the dish might end up seemingly lacking, not tasting the way the cook might have initially planned it to taste like.

In the same manner, a healthy pregnancy diet has several components or ingredients that a pregnant mother should take note of in order to ensure her baby’s proper growth. Some of these components, like vitamins and minerals, would provide the necessary nutrients for the development of the baby’s bodily systems and organs, such as the brain, spine, bones and nervous system.

Coming up with a delicious dish involves carefully taking note of the ingredients and the directions for the dish’s preparation in the recipe. Doing so would ensure the best outcome for the dish. The same principle applies to diet during pregnancy. A mother who follows healthy pregnancy diet guidelines carefully has better chances of providing the proper nutrition for her child, and is better assured that her child is developing and functioning normally.

• The food pyramid serves as a suitable reference for determining the types of food that should be eaten. Eat more servings of bread, pasta, vegetables and fruits, and less of fatty meats.
• Make sure that the diet contains a variety of vegetables.
• Consume dark green and leafy vegetables, as they are excellent sources of iron.
• Instead of having 3 large meals, have smaller, but more frequent portions.
• Refrain from trying to lose weight during pregnancy through unhealthy weight-loss plans, as these could be harmful to the baby’s wellness.
• Take multivitamins to supplement meals, but not to replace them completely.

There are still several healthy processes involved when bodily systems break down real food, and these benefits cannot be obtained in multivitamins alone.
• Refrain from having sweets and desserts too often. Instead, go for fruits.
• Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, so as to lessen the chances of premature labor.

A healthy pregnancy diet does not necessarily involve having a grand and complicated scheme for planning meals; it simply involves putting additional effort in paying attention to the food you eat. Consulting your doctor is a good measure for you to determine the changes that must be made in the diet as the pregnancy progresses.

In a recipe, the ingredients are listed with the corresponding amounts that should be used. A healthy pregnancy diet also suggests the minimum serving amounts that should be observed daily:

• Fruit: 2 servings
• Beverages such as water, juice or milk: 8 glasses
• Vegetables: 3 servings
• Whole grain foods such as rice, pasta and bread: 6 servings
• Meat and other protein-rich foods: 3 servings
• Sweets and fatty foods: eat sparingly

Following the recipe for a healthy pregnancy diet would not only ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for you, but it would also serve as a head-start for the healthy future of your baby.

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