A healthy salad recipe to try out

You support the new movement about ‘green is better’? Now a day, with people becoming more and more health conscious, eating fresh and organic is the craze that is making it big in the industry of food and restaurant. If you also support this new move and has plans to invest in franchise green is better campaign, gear up to add some more healthy food items in your restaurant menu so that it allows your customers to enjoy a variety of delicacies without gaining calories anymore. Here in this article we bring for you the recipe of a yummy and delectable salad that you can consider adding to your franchise green is better restaurant: Taco Salad Ingredients:

• Crushed garlic

• Chicken/ turkey sliced

• Chopped cilantro

• Low fat sour cream

• Canola oil

• Lettuce leaves

•Grated cheese

• Chopped and diced tomatoes

• Rinsed kidney beans

• Salsa

• Chopped onion

• Cumin seeds

• Chili powder

Preparation Method: Take a bowl and add salsa and the cream together.Keep it aside for later use.

Now heat oil in a pan and add the onions, garlic and cook for 2 minutes. Add the chicken or turkey in it and cook again till tender for around 5 minutes. Toss in the tomatoes, beans, chili powder and cumin all together and stir and cook till the seeds starts breaking into pops.

Remove from heat and now add the salsa and cream mixture in it. Toss in lettuce in the bowl and mix well. Add grated cheese and serve.

Intake of nutrition in this meal of Taco salad: Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Protein, Calcium

Tasty and healthy at its best, this taco salad is sure to be a favorite among all and everyone.

Add it to your Franchise Green is Better restaurant and watch how your customers will crave to have a bowl of this salad again and again.

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