A Guide to Eating Healthy on a Student’s Budget

Can’t keep your eyes open when it comes time to hit the books? Your diet might be lacking the energy your body needs, and no, I don’t mean coffee and energy drinks! Whether you are a student or just feeling the pressure of the economy, eating healthy can and should be a top priority without taking a toll on your wallet. While you might have to give up dining out you can still enjoy a healthy meal at home that won’t break the bank. Invest in some basic cookware if you don’t already own it and you are on your way to cooking cheap healthy meals in the comfort of your own home.

A five piece cookware set suits most people’s needs, however you can easily get away with a few saucepans and a skillet to start. Add more to your kitchen as you find the need for specific items. Spreading it out over time will help ease the blow to your wallet.

Think vegetables, not pot noodles! I remember that the second I sat down to study I’d struggle to keep my eyes open. I can tell you that the chip buttie diet will not give you the energy you need. Not only are vegetables good for your over worked eyes, but a diet high in fruits and vegetables is also said to prevent diseases, help your body deal with stress, promote weight lose and provide energy. That sounds like what the doctor ordered for the student’s lifestyle!

Vegetable stir fry is a great go to meal. It allows for endless variations to make even the pickiest taste buds happy. It is also cheap, quick and healthy! You can buy fresh packets of already mixed stir fry veggies from the produce section of your local super market. Alternatively, they sell some tasty frozen vegetable stir fry in the frozen food section of your super market.

Some will argue that frozen vegetables provide less nutrients then fresh, while this might be true I tend to argue that frozen vegetables are still better for you then pot noodles or bacon butties!

You can also get creative and combine your favorite seasonal vegetables which tend to be less expensive. Grab a packet of pre made stir fry sauce while you are shopping or for a healthier alternative create your own! You can find hundreds of healthy stir fry sauce recipes online. If you are a meat lover, you can even choose to add in chicken or beef. Grab whatever meat is on sale. If there are no good deals then opt for all veggies!

A cheap essential for your kitchen is whole grain rice, throw out the potatoes and stock up on some whole grains! Whole grain rice is also the final touch to your vegetable stir fry. Another kitchen essential is beans, affordable and a great source of protein. Cook up some whole grain rice, beans and add in a little fresh or frozen spinach and you have got yourself a healthy meal on the cheap! Can’t give up the baked beans and toast? Make sure you are opting for the whole wheat toast. Having a few healthy basic items always stocked in your kitchen will prevent you from reaching for the pot noodles. Whatever the budget, with a little creativity and these kitchen essentials you will be on your way to an affordable and healthy diet!

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