31 and 32 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant

You are now in your 31st week of pregnancy and your baby is now the size of a celery stick. Besides many other developments in the baby, the major growth is of lungs wherein air sacs starts releasing surfactant which is vital to keep the tissues in the lungs apart.

The fats deposits are continue to build under your baby skin and the skin of the baby becomes little thicker than before and it is no more translucent. The face of your baby is now smoother with much rounder in shape.

With each passing day, you find your baby active than before as the responses are more common. You baby will not able to observer each and every move you take such as talking, walking, bathing, exercising etc. Though, with every passing week, the space become limited for your baby because of his growing size, you will still feel some movements that your baby will made in the uterus.

32 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is growing fast and the space in the uterus and baby becomes confined in that limited space. He is no more floating in the amniotic fluid as he did few weeks earlier. Normally, by this time, your baby is in inverted position in the uterus, i.e. upside down or head down position. It is assumed to be the final position of your baby before the labor time; however, in some women, the baby may take a week or so more to get this position so there is no cause of concern in it.

Development of your baby continues and more fat deposits build up under the skin of your baby. Up till now, he is more aware of his surroundings and can hear the heartbeats, stomach rumblings etc. He is also aware of his external environment as well as he does response to some external voices as well, especially the loud ones.

Lungs are still developing, but your baby has not yet started breathing.

Lanugo (soft hairs) can be seen in patches only on shoulders and neck region. The hairs on the head are relatively larger than before. Subcutaneous fat deposits continuously to build under your baby skin, especially in the arms and legs.

The baby is growing steadily and the space for him in the uterus is getting less as he is growing in his size but yet you can feel the movements made by baby. Almost ten of those movements you can observe in a day irrespective of the space left in the uterus for him to move.

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