Your First Professional Pregnancy Photography Pictures

There are many things you must keep in mind when attempting to schedule a pregnancy photography session. This is a very exciting time within a mother’s life and the need to document such an event should be very monumental. To ensure that this event goes smoothly most maternity photographers recommend that you schedule your pregnancy photography shoot between thirty-one and thirty-six weeks if possible. The reasoning for this is before thirty-one weeks, your belly may be too small to be showing your pregnancy. If you cannot schedule your pregnancy photography shoot during this period, ensure that the maternity photographer is kept abreast for you do not want to run out of time during this monumental time, which you want documented.

Prior to the pregnancy photography session, make sure you remove clothing, which contains elastic. Elastic leaves marks on your skin, which will most definitely show up in pictures. If you forget this fact do not worry, the maternity photographer will more than likely remind you of such before performing the maternity portraits.

Ensure that you and your maternity photographer discuss the overall style of pictures you want. Do you want to wear your clothes during the photo shoot? Do you want to show your skin on the photos? Is someone else going to be in the pregnancy photography session with you such as the father of your child or a beloved family member?

If you want someone else to be present in your pregnancy photography session, both of you must choose clothing that will not take away from the photo shoot. Keep in mind that your stomach with your unborn child cradled inside is the main subject of the photo shoot therefore, jewelry or bright objects should be left off until the photo shoot is over.

Discuss with your maternity photographer what you should wear during the photo shoot. Some women choose to pose topless or even naked. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can wear clothing that shows off your belly.

Keep in mind that these portraits are going to be pregnancy portraits so you are allowed to bring some items with you, which you have purchased, for your unborn child. These are very cute props, which can be added into the photo shoot. Most maternity photographers will have some items present at the photo shoot if you do not have your own items or if you merely forgot them.

During your baby portrait photography session, you will want to avoid placing lotions on your stomach before the maternity photographer begins the session. The lotions will cause light to bounce off your belly during the photo shoot but you can moisturize other parts of your body if you want to.

Your hands will be a focus of the photo shoot so make sure you give yourself a manicure or pay for a professional manicure. Do not forget your toes in preparing for this special day. Some items to remember to bring are brushes or combs as well as changes of clothes. Lip moisturizer will be a great addition to your face during the photo shoot.

Allot ample time for your pregnancy photography session. You do not want to rush the maternity photographer through the photo shoot. Most children photographers are use to taking their time with photo shoots. Performing these photo shoots are more times to none a one-time deal and cannot be re-shot. Congratulations and good luck to you, and your new child. Enjoy yourself while documenting this very important time in your life as well as your unborn child. If the maternity photographer performs a great job for you and your unborn child, he/she very well may become your maternity photographer as well as your family photographer.

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