Yoga For Pregnant Women FAQ

Hello, mom! We’ve put our minds together to come up with some of the most commonly asked questions relating to pregnancy and exercise as well as yoga for pregnant women, especially for you. Below you are guaranteed to find some useful info regarding an activity that is not only safe for you and baby, but extremely good too.

Q: Exercises during pregnancy – Is it safe?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes! But there are a couple of simple principles that should be stuck to without question. Firstly, take it easy! Remember that the little life inside you is dependant on how you feel on the inside. This means that if you are hot after a long bout of exercise, it will be too – and that’s not always a good thing. Secondly, remember that whatever you feel, your baby feels. So if it’s uncomfortable for you, then it’s very uncomfortable for the sensitive new life inside you.

Q: What’s So Special About Yoga For Pregnant Women?

A: The general benefit of yoga is not only a physical one, but emotional and spiritually, too. Because this is a special time where your body as well as your emotional state becomes fragile and will be undergoing some changes, it is essential to supply yourself with the most stable, change-conducive environment possible. Yoga for pregnant women should be practiced every day to provide you with a solid platform beneficial to a fear-free, de-stressed pregnancy. Remember: Whatever you feel, your baby feels.

Q: Will Yoga Keep Me Fit

A: That depends on your commitment, mom. As said before, it should become a routine for maximum efficacy. If you were fit before your pregnancy and you’re now supplementing your physical fitness with yoga, then your muscles will remain in a condition that will allow for a quick return post labor.

If you weren’t fit, well, just stick with yoga for pregnant women and you’ll get there soon.

Q: Are There Any Additional Benefits?

A: While normal exercises during pregnancy will allow you to blow off some of the steam, yoga for pregnant women bring with it a bonanza of added perks. Reduced weight gain, a reduced chance of stretch marks and even preventing that drooping belly after the pregnancy make only for the tip of the “Yoga For Pregnant Women” iceberg. For a more detailed explanation, just refer to any of the other Yoga articles we have on here.

Q: Does Yoga Have An Abstract / Metaphysical Influence?

A: Most definitely! Aside from being one of the best exercises during pregnancy you can possibly do, yoga and its associated principles will supply you with the foundation for great insight. Meditating will allow for a greater awareness – not only of things and people around you, but of you and the life within. Tapping this pool of invaluable information will ensure that the choices you make later on to be laced with wisdom.

Q: How Long Before Delivery Should I Stop Exercising?

A: It depends entirely on what you do. While a beginner’s yoga program is recommended for all pregnant women, not all exercises in said program should be continued throughout the pregnancy. When you reach your third trimester, it’s best to take the time and seek out professional advice.

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