Why Should I Eat Healthy?

Well, eating healthy should be a no-brainer for everyone but let’s have a look at some of the reasons why it is so important and some of the questions it generates.

Why should I eat healthy if it won’t make me slim?

If you are overweight then eating healthy will play a part in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. People who continually fail while attempting to lose weight and then become defiant about their own eating habits often ask themselves this question.

In simple terms the health benefits you are about to read about should be reason alone but if losing weight is your goal then eating healthy has to be combined with other factors such as your personal lifestyle, exercising and motivation. What you should know is that your healthy eating plan should not necessarily be the same as someone else’s. Variables such as sex, age, height, weight and activity are all factors that will determine what your healthy eating plan should consist of.

Why should I eat healthy if certain diseases run in the family?

A nutritious diet will ensure that your body receives the correct nutrients that will prevent certain types of cancer. Also, reducing your intake of saturated fats will lower the risk of developing heart disease. By receiving the afore mentioned nutrients this will help your body strengthen your bones, tendons and muscles. In addition, if you currently experience health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure then eating healthy will help to control these problems

Why should I eat healthy if my parents didn’t think it was a problem?

Previous generations probably ate healthier than nowadays but just didn’t realise it. Going back between 30-40 years ago, or longer, fast food, TV dinners and microwave meals were not as readily available as they are now and your parents were more likely to get you to eat the vegetables on your plate ( no doubt under protest) and make you finish eating them with the threat of sanctions if you didn’t! So, unwittingly, they were getting you to eat healthier. Times change though and people’s lives became busier and more hectic leading to lazy and convenient eating habits for themselves and their families.

It is up to all concerned parents to change their own eating habits and that of their kids. The rate of childhood obesity is now so alarming that as responsible adults it is our duty to educate our kids to eat properly and secure their health and the health of their own kids. Not only will you see a difference in your kids health but, once you remove the additives and flavourings from their diets then you should also note an improvement in their behaviour. This is backed up by scientific fact.

As you can see “why should I eat healthy?” is a question that can be asked in various different forms but every answer should be a catalyst for us to change our eating habits forever.

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