What to Expect When 34 Weeks Pregnant

When on the 34th week, your desire for sleep is very low due to the movements of the baby and the regular kicking. You should be ready to change your sleeping patterns at 34 weeks as you will be feeling exhausted most of the time. It’s believed that the same amount of stress that affects a pregnant woman is equal to that of her partner. When 34 weeks pregnant, your weight has increased significantly and if you probably have edema, then you should be one big woman. This week offers a time for swollen hands, face and feet.

At 34 weeks pregnant, you will avoid standing or sitting for a long time at all costs in order to keep off from varicose veins. Your sitting style may change but make sure that you have your feet propped up anytime you sit down. You will have to frequent the washroom at 34 weeks pregnant. Backaches will be a normal thing and depending on your weight, they may be mild or severe. The most commonly affected place is the lower back during pregnancy. Nonetheless not everyone will experience back aches, there are some people who don’t experience this symptom and it only comes when they are in labor.

You will need to teach yourself how to avoid getting hurt by sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back will turn out to be uncomfortable and therefore you will need to use additional support for your belly. The feeling of going to the washroom all the time won’t leave you and you will also notice the increased pressure in your bladder. If you check your pregnancy week by week, no doubt at 34 weeks you will notice your shortness in breath which leads to tiredness.

At this point, your baby is fully developed -complete with an immune system and she should weigh about 5 pounds. Due to the weight of the baby, you will find simple tasks such as going through some stairs very difficult.

If your doctor checks your pregnancy week by week, he should be in a position to prepare you psychologically for the delivery of the baby. With the assistance of your doctor, you should be able to make a decision on the method you would like to give birth through. You can opt for caesarian section or just wait for the natural delivery day. It’s good to enquire from other women who have experienced both the natural way and caesarian section before making any decision.

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