What to Expect When 32 Weeks Pregnant

At this point, your baby is fully developed and is ready to come to the world. When 32 weeks pregnant, you are advised to see your doctor more frequently which consequently ensures you handle your pregnancy skillfully. During this time, you are able to see an imprint of your baby’s foot moving on your belly. You can also feel the baby turn over and if checked by an ultrasound, you see her sucking her thumb. Your baby has fully developed and you will feel movements caused by kicks or hiccups. To avoid the discomfort, you can take a stroll or drink water.

When you are 32 weeks pregnant, you should expect weight gain as the infant is now fully grown and she will exert some pressure on the birth canal. At 32 weeks, this is where the baby positions herself to ensure she faces the right direction in readiness for the world. The baby doesn’t move downwards at this stage, but positions the head facing the birth canal. After around two months the baby’s weight doubles and this will also affect your weight.

At 32 weeks pregnant, you should be ready to feel motions in your belly as the baby is able to move her hands. Unlike 34 weeks pregnant, the baby now should weigh close to 4 pounds and be almost 18 inches long. The baby at this stage is also in a position to pee, look around as well as wink. Some babies grow hair when the mom is 34 weeks pregnant, but this differs from one woman to another. Some people suggest that babies born with lots of hair are as a result of numerous heartburns during pregnancy.

You should also expect to have more pain in your belly and also experience multiple back aches especially in the lower back.

The baby has grown big and therefore exerts pressure on your muscles and kidneys consequently resulting to pain. Before you get to 34 weeks pregnant, your hips, buttocks and stomach ligaments will have some stretching to do, this also contributes to the experienced pain. You can expect some mild contractions as the infant tries to move in the downward direction. Before you get to 34 weeks pregnant, make sure you have everything ready for the baby’s arrival: work on the diapers, sleepers, undershirts and the like.

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