What Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy?

Are you pregnant? Well you will have to take care of many things. The foremost concerned would be what foods to avoid during pregnancy as at the time of pregnancy a healthy and well balanced diet is essential. This is because it will keep you as well as the baby healthy and keep you away from the complications. Majority of the fresh food and wholesome are considered to be safe but then there are some of the foods to avoid during pregnancy.


What you should avoid at the time you are pregnant?


Raw meats as well as seafood inclusive of sushi:

You need to take care that all uncooked as well as rare meats and seafood that is uncooked should be avoided as far as possible as there is high risk of listeria as well as salmonella which can be poisoning.


Deli meats also hot dogs:

These are the foodstuffs that might comprise of listeria bacteria and this is something can lead to miscarriage or might be still birth. If you want to eat such stuffs then it is advisable that you reheat them till it is steaming hot and then it can be safe for you.


Refrigerated smoked seafood:

This also should be avoided for the same reason as it comprises of listeria contamination. It would be safe to eat in case they are contained in dishes that are cooked. Shelf stable as well as canned versions will not be a problem to eat.


Raw egg:

This is something that will comprise of salmonella. Some Caesar salad dressing, homemade ice creame, custards and mayonnaise and also hollandaise sauces might be made up of raw eggs. Therefore it would be a good idea for you to check this out with the server in the restaurant and if they serve it that way it should be avoided.

On top of that you should avoid unpasteurized eggnog.


Fish in high mercury:

You need to avoid this like Shark, Swordfish, Tilefish as well as King Mackerel. You need to restrict the intake of fish and it should not be more than 2 times in every week.


Soft cheese:

You need to avoid soft cheese as far as possible. You need to avoid Feta, Brie, Blue veined cheeses, queso fresco as well as Panela.


These are few of the things mentioned but the list goes on. It is advisable that you consult the doctor for the same so that you can get the right suggestion. This will help you as well your child t get proper nourishment.

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