Weight Gain During Pregnancy ? How To Avoid Excessive Gain

Weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable. Added weight to your body is due to several things you are now carrying inside you such as the baby, the placenta and amniotic fluid.  Your breast also starts to enlarge in preparation for breastfeeding. While there is a normal amount of weight that a woman can gain while pregnant, sometimes it can be say to gain more than what is necessary.  

It is a concern of many women how they can avoid getting excessively big and heavy during pregnancy.  It can be understandable since it may be hard to bring back your slim figure after giving birth.  
• To avoid too much weight gain while carrying a baby inside your womb, the most probable advice to follow is to eat in moderation.  Whatever you want or need to eat, whether pregnant or not, moderation is an important key to remember.  
• You also have to be responsible in taking inventory of what you eat or include in your diet. Avoid eating too sweet and fatty foods because even though they are tasty, they do not help in keeping weight stable. Water must be preferred over sweetened beverages. Chips are also tasty treats that have empty calories and devoid of proper nutrients.  Processed foods should also be avoided.  What you need to include in your diet are vegetables, whole grains, fruits and other healthier foods.  
• Reduce stress if you want to prevent yourself from munching instinctively. It can be easy to feel stressed when pregnant with all the great changes your body is experiencing. To reduce stress, you can go for a nature walk in the neighborhood. You can also do appropriate yoga poses or listen to some calming music.  
• Always eat good breakfast. Skipping this very important first meal of the day will just let you eat more in the later part of the day.  Breakfast is also important for the baby after you have slept for eight hours without food.  Make sure that breakfast is also healthy.  
• In the morning, you should already plan your meals. Choose healthy snacks like carrot sticks, whole grain crackers and fruits instead of chips and burger.  Without a plan, you will most likely eat whatever will entice you and 
• Always choose fresh varieties over canned, packed or processed foods.  Canned fruits, for example, contain too much syrup.  If you will eat foods with high sugar, make sure you supplement it by drinking milk to prevent blood sugar spike.  This spike often stimulates the storage of fat.  
• Be careful and mindful about how you cook or prepare your foods.  Baking, broiling and steaming are methods of cooking that are preferable than frying because they will not add oil or fats to your food.  
• Whenever you will go out to shop for food supplies and groceries, make sure you do it with your stomach full. Not feeling hungry will not cause you to buy foods in the mall impulsively where most foods available are fast foods.  
• Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of clean and refreshing water. 
• Avoid being with people who may only push you to eat more.  It is common for people to encourage pregnant women to eat more, believing it will be good for both mom and baby.  If there are no people around persuading you to eat more, you are likely to prevent yourself from over eating and gaining cumbersome weight. 

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