For over one hundred years, S&W have been collecting and creating great bean recipes and today have many recipes and ideas, both traditional Bean Recipes, and also bean and vegetarian recipes that reflect contemporary tastes and fit in with a 21st century lifestyle.

Beans are the unheralded, not particularly fashionable but nutrition packed food that not only ‘fills one up’ but also acts as what is called a ‘slow burn’ food, and as part of a modern healthy eating regimen helps immensely in regulating the body’s food craving or hunger spikes.

The energy contained in each and every bean is released more slowly over a longer period of time, thus negating those ‘hunger spikes’ that most people suffer from, which encourages the body to store fat, rather than burning it. Beans are great food sources in helping a person lose excess weight combined with a regular exercise plan, without the need for ‘fad dieting’.

The list of vegetarian recipes the company utilizes in the marketing of the many wholesome and nutritional bean varieties that are grown in the heartland of the United States, have been collected, tried and tested over the intervening years, and where possible improved and perfected, and really do take the thinking out of what to eat at the next meal.

Quality and perfection comes not only with every purchase of one of the many varieties of bean grown and marketed, but also with the end product; a superb, tasty and nutritious meal that incorporates quality beans into many meal plans, from formal sit down affairs to a quick, wholesome and tasty lunch or supper on the go.

S&W have rigorous standards of quality and are totally committed to being the leading bean brand in the United States and further afield, and by supplying premium bean products to the ever changing requirements of a modern consumer society.

The unique taste and texture, color and size which assures customers of an incomparable flavor and quality, S&W brand beans are packed with wholesome goodness and nutrition, and all of the bean varieties are an excellent source of fiber, protein and other important supplementary nutrients, essential for a healthy body and continuing good health.

Beans are naturally low in total fat and do not contain saturated fat or cholesterol, and provide important nutrients such as fiber, protein, calcium, iron, folic acid and potassium.

Using the many and varied recipes in conjunction with all of the different varieties of Chili beans, white beans, black and kidney beans could mean one is not stuck for a meal recipe idea for quite some time.

Log onto now, and get some great Bean Recipes and vegetarian recipes ideas today.

Oh yes, and some great tasting nutrition packed beans too.


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