Ten Foods Can Help You Have Healthy Tooth

Neat and white teeth can make people confident and make them look beautiful. There are varieties of ways that can whiten our teeth. Actually, there are some foods can also help us have white teeth. Then let us have a look.

Celery. Crude fiber just like a broom can drop some food residue on the teeth. Besides, the more strenuous you chew the celery; the more saliva can be secreted. And saliva has the function to balance the PH-value in mouth; this can naturally achieve the anti-bacterial effect and make our teeth white.

Psidium guajava and banana. The tropical fruit contains a high-dimensional C that can maintain dental healthy. If lack of high-dimensional C, our gums would turn to fragile and likely to suffer from dental disease, such as, gingival swelling, bleeding, loosening of tooth or loose and other symptoms.

Cream. Calcium and phosphate can balance the PH-value of mouth; prevent the mouth from acid environment which is favorable for bacterial, and thus our tooth won’t easily get to decayed tooth. Eating cream frequently can increase the calcium on the surface of tooth. And this can help strengthen and rebuild the enamel of tooth and make tooth more robust.

Sugar-free chewing gum can increase the amount of saliva secretion, and can neutralize the acidity in mouth. Thus, it can prevent us from decayed tooth.

Mint. Menthe leaf contains single vinyl compounds, which can go through to the lungs by blood circulation, and bring us a fresh breathing.

Drinking a certain amount of water can keep our gums wet and can stimulate the secretion of saliva. After eating, we should drink some water which can take away the residue remaining in our tooth. And this can prevent the growth of bacterial, thus play the role to protect our tooth.

Green tea is rich in fluorine, which can combine with the phosphorite in tooth. Therefore, it has the anti-acid and anti-tooth decaying function. At the same time, it also can get rid of the bad breath.

Onion. The sulfur compound in onion is a kind of ingredient that has the strong ability to anti-bacterial. It can kill the streptococcus mutans which can cause decayed tooth.

Mushroom contains the polysaccharide can prevent the bacterial plaque.

In addition, mustard contains the ingredients called isothiocyanates can inhibit the reproduction of streptococcus mutans which can cause decayed tooth.

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