Stop Heartburn During Pregnancy

You are pregnant and suffer from heartburn!  To relieve the heartburn, it will be necessary to change your lifestyle and your eating habits. Use alternative health therapies to find the solutions to your heartburn…If that dosen’t work, you may need more aggressive treatments as prescribed by a doctor.

Following the advice on healthy living can help you avoid these problems in the first place. Some solutions may require the use of certain medications to relieve the most difficult cases.

Pregnancy: Tips to deal with heartburn

Some tips to help you limit the influence of heartburn and especially to decrease the number of occerances. You should ensure (as much as possible) to adopt a good posture (avoid leaning forward and to elevate your back when you’re lying).. For your menu, avoid foods that are too fat, too spicy, too sour, and those which ferments. Feel free to split your meals to help aid digestion. More smaller meals rather than a few large ones.

Heartburn and alternative medicine

“Acupuncture is effective in fighting heartburn because it works against energy imbalances” says Francine Chénelot.
The digestive system is a prime target of stress. Difficult to quantify its impact on heartburn but if you’re anxious, think yoga or relaxation therapy, particularly appealing to pregnant women.

Homeopathic solutions depend on factors associated with Heartburns:

If your digestive system is acidic and burning, opt for Iris versicolor 5 CH, at 3 pellets, 3 times per day.
If you are anxious, with increased pain when eating sweets, take Argentum nutricum 5 CH, with the same dosage.
If you experience vomiting, discomfort that is at the maximal level at sunset and relieved by external heat (eg a hot water bottle hot) 5 CH swallow Arsenicum album, again with 3 daily doses of 3 pellets.
In case of pain, feeling of emptiness in the stomach with an urge for ice water, choose Phosphorus 5 CH, same dosage. 

Gastric antacids and bandages

Gastric bandages – not great but quite effective when the heartburns are still moderate. “They are always useful in a crisis” says Francine Chénelot.  Swallow them after the meal. If pain persists, there are also antacids available without a prescription, take them 30 minutes after the meal.”To be used occasionally” she says. If they are ineffective, you can try the anti-secretory gastric during painful crisis, before dinner or at bedtime. Although some are available without a prescription, their use should also be limited and always ask your doctor before you before you take any.

Finally, it may decided to prescribe you more powerful drugs – the inhibitors of proton pump. Deemed effective, they usually used before the first meal of the day.  A study conducted on the treatment of 295 pregnant women showed no effect on major congenital anomalies.

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