Staying Healthy And Fit During Pregnancy

Finding out you are pregnant can be a very exciting and yet overwhelming time.  How will you manage work, family, financial obligations, and still maintain a low stress and healthy lifestyle? One of the most important things you can do while you are pregnant to help keep a positive outlook on life is maintaining a good fitness/workout routine.  Working out releases endorphins that make you mentally sharper and give you the ability to manage daily tasks more efficiently and smoothly. It releases stress and helps maintain a more positive body image.  Exercise makes you and your baby healthier.

Whether you have worked out before becoming pregnant or not, there are many great health benefits to staying physically fit throughout your entire nine months:

1)  Easier pregnancies and deliveries
2)  Quicker recovery after delivery
3)  Lower postpartum depression rates
4)  Better Body Image
5)  Higher Self Confidence
6)  Enhanced quality of personal and professional life

So where do you get started in terms of a fitness routine when you are pregnant?  Not everyone is the same — you need to ask your doctor what is appropriate for you before starting.  Here are some tips you help you get motivated and started in the right direction:

1) Find something you love doing.  If you don’t enjoy an exercise, chances are you won’t stick with it.
2) Don’t over-do it.  While you are pregnant, the most important thing is just to get moving.  Walking, Hiking, Yoga, Light Weight Lifting, Group Fitness Classes or other light to moderate physical activity is generally appropriate.
3) If you ever feel light headed or like you have over-exerted yourself, stop immediately.
4) Wear comfortable workout clothing for maternity.

Having appropriate clothing, such a light weight or loose fitting maternity workout tops, capris, or pants, will make working out more enjoyable.  There are many styles available now days for all shapes and sizes of women, and different fits to last throughout your entire 9 months.
5) Find a friend to exercise with.  Nothing will make the time pass quickly and more enjoyably than sharing the time with a girlfriend or family member.  Plus, it helps them get moving, too!

Pregnancy can be a fun and enjoyable time in life.  No need to hide away at home — stay happy, stay fit, and keep moving!  You will be on your way to a new life and a beautiful little bundle of joy!

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