Some Forbidden Sports for Pregnant Women

Doing exercise is recommended during the pregnancy. By doing the exercise, you will be able to keep your body health. But, although exercises are very good for pregnant women, there some exercises that they should avoid. This is because some of exercises are dangerous for pregnant women. In this article, you will find some exercises that pregnant women should avoid.

Scuba Diving
This is the first exercise that you should avoid. This water exercise should be avoided because this can be very dangerous for your baby. This activity can cause gas bubbles in your baby’s blood. This can cause health problems that will be very bad for your baby’s growing.

Contact Sports
There are many sports that involve many people in the games. Some of them are football, basketball and many others. When you are pregnant, you should avoid contact sports since the sports are not safe for you. If you do the sports, you will have high risk of getting be hit in your abdomen. This is very dangerous for your and your baby, isn’t it?

Downhill and Water Skiing
Downhill and water skiing are two activities that pregnant women should avoid. You will find that the risk of falling that can result abdominal trauma is very high. Thus, you should avoid these activities when you are pregnant especially in your second and third trimester.

Horseback Riding
This is the next exercise that you should avoid when you are pregnant. This is because the movements in this exercise can be very dangerous. You will also have high risk from falling from the horse.

This is another sport that you should avoid since it is very dangerous.

Its jerky and quick motions can be very dangerous for you and your baby. Besides, your center of balance and gravity decrease during pregnancy so that you cannot do this sport properly.

Those are some sports that are forbidden for pregnant women. Make sure that you do not do hard exercises or sports during your pregnancy in order to keep your body safe and healthy. You should be able to choose exercises that are safe for you.

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