Several Fetus Development Stages During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, female mammals experience a great change, especially in hormonal roller coaster. The fetus goes through some developmental stages over the pregnancy course month by month. Knowing the development of the fetus is beneficial for the expecting mother since she can know what is happening inside her.

The first month

The egg which has been fertilized is implanted in uterus and starts developing into embryo. In this step, the umbilical cord and the placenta are formed. It is followed by the very early development stages of limbs, organs, bones, and muscles.

The second month

At this stage, the heart begins to breath and the blood begins to circulate. In addition, the buds or legs and arms start emerging. Some other organs which are developed include the digestive system, brain, the nervous system, and facial features. The umbilical cord also connects the embryo into the placenta.

The third month

It is known as a stage of development of embryo into a fetus. The hearts starts developing its chambers and the intestines and kidneys start functioning. The teeth are also formed inside the gum of the baby and the facial features are completely formed. The end of this month is known as trimester. Normally, the weigh of the baby is one oz and the length is about 3 up to 4 inches.

The fourth month

The fine hair of the baby is developed all over. It is also followed by the development of the finger and toenails as well. At this stage, the baby is able to suck his thumb and also curl up his fingers.

The fifth month

At this stage, the baby is becoming more active so that you can feel the movement of your baby. The pattern of regular sleeping and waking also emerge. A boy baby has developed his testicles while the girl baby develops her ovaries. It allows you to know the sex of your baby. The weight of your baby is about ½ up to 1 lb and the length is about 10 inches.

The sixth month

The toe and the fingernails of the baby are now completely formed. She/he can move her/his eyes rapidly. Along with it, the baby also gains the weight rapidly. At the end of this month the baby normally weighs 1 ½ pounds with 12 inches length.

The seventh month

Since the baby grows fast, the baby only has small space to move so that she/he makes a few movements. At the 28th week, the baby normally turns her/his head facing downward. She/he is able to sense dark and light and hear the voices around you. Typically, she/he weighs more than 2 lbs. and measures about 14 inches. The baby who is born at this month has a high chance of surviving.

The eighth month

At this stage, the eyes of the baby are opened and the fat is formed beneath the skin. She/he also develops the brain rapidly and the hair of the body is disappearing. She/he has settled to ready to birth position.

The ninth month

By the end of this month, the baby is ready to be born since she/he has moved down to the pelvis. The lungs of the baby are completely developed. Normally, the weight of the baby at born is about 7 ½ pounds and the length is about 22 inches.

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