Second Trimester in Pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is usually the time that is enjoyed most my mothers-to-be as the body adjusts to the initial roller coaster of being pregnant. Things to expect when you are at this stage of pregnancy include a massive increase in your size but also some positive changes to your appearance. Expect a reduction in some troublesome symptoms and an increase in some others.

Your body

As you get into the second trimester, it will be apparent to other people that you are pregnant and you will probably feel your baby move for the first time. Expect a weight gain of between one and two pounds a week; don’t worry, most of this will be due to increased blood volume and water retention and the baby itself. Now is definitely a good time to treat yourself to a new wardrobe and some good, supportive maternity bras.

Your symptoms

Positive things that you will notice are changes to your hair and skin. Hair tends to become thicker and more lustrous and skin will positively glow. Morning sickness and fatigue will subside by week fourteen helping you to feel better generally. Many women get food cravings at this stage and this is often the body’s way of making sure you get essential nutrients.

On the downside, some annoying symptoms like heartburn and the need to urinate frequently should be anticipated as your baby takes up more room inside your body. You may develop a lower backache as your skeleton adjusts to having to carry more weight.

Tests & check-ups

Tests you should prepare for will include an ultrasound scan towards the middle of the second trimester and you may also be required to have a glucose tolerance test depending on your medical or family history.

You will see your midwife every four to six weeks to monitor your baby’s growth and health.

Remember, all pregnancies are different and the symptoms to expect when you are pregnant may vary. If you are worried about anything do speak to your healthcare provider. Otherwise, try to make the most of this exciting middle third of your pregnancy as it is likely to be the easiest and most restful stage. Eat well and pamper yourself; it may be the last chance you get to focus on yourself.

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