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We all want optimum health and a raw food diet can deliver that I can assure you.Here are the reasons why.

When we cook food we are setting fire to it and sadly many of the nutrients will be destroyed.When we strain off the hot water from those boiled vegetables we are pouring all the goodness down the drain.

When you eat raw food your liver and kidneys are freed up to keep your body healthy instead of devoting all their time to getting rid of the toxins you put inside your body.

A proper raw diet eliminates constipation and the time it takes for waste to pass through the body is reduced to 24 hours or less.For people on a conventional diet it takes upwards of 72 hours or more.During this time the rotting food ferments and putrefies resulting in foul smelling gas and faeces

.The rotting proteins in the colon can result in colonic diseases such as colitis and cancer.

We experience weight loss better sleep and clearer skin.I can attest to the fact of weight loss as I lost 22 pounds over the course of 3 months when I switched to a raw food diet.As you eliminate all forms of salt and condiments you will lose any excess fat.

The red blood cells in our body are better able to transport the oxygen to all the cells in our body which results in better mental clarity. Cold flues and general aches and pains disappear and one’s overall quality of life improves.

As you begin to detox however you may experience discomfort as this process plays out.You could experience tiredness a runny nose and headaches.These are all signs that the body is making healthy adjustments.

You may experience gas problems after you have moved to a raw diet but this can be eliminated in time by using correct food combining.

Each of us will react in a different way.The duration and degree of the detox will vary.It can be slight or intense,last a few days or several months.Just let the liver and kidneys do their work.

Eating must be a joy and if you cannot eat it in it’s raw state that it should not be eaten.There has been no adaptions in the human physiology to allow for cooked food so this should give us a clue about what we should be eating today.

We know that the water and sugars of fruit require almost no digestion only absorption giving the body a lot less work to do,which cannot be said for cooked food.It is so processed it is a wonder the body can extract anything out of it at all.

So in summary a diet rich in green leaves and a variety of fruits will give us all the nutrients we need and put the least amount of demand on our body that is possible.A raw food diet will bring you health and longevity.

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