Quick and Delicious Italian Recipes

If you are cooking in a hurry, check out our quick Italian recipe ideas. Chargrilled Italian Style Soup Soup is a traditional and wholesome starter to any meal, and this simple and quick recipe idea will simply blow you away! Grab some chargrilled vegetable cooking sauce, along with 300ml of vegetable stock, a small can of cannelloni beans, a handful of parsley and either two rashers of streaky bacon, or slices of Italian ham. Pour into a pan the sauce and stock, heat thoroughly and ensure it is well mixed.

At this stage, throw in the cannelloni beans and bring the mixture to the boil while continuing to stir. Once it is boiling, reduce to a simmer for around five minutes. Cook the bacon or ham in another pan – you are looking to get it slightly crispy but not cremated! Lightly season the soup mixture and stir through again, tasting until you are happy with it. Serve in a bowl, with the soup topped with bacon and the parsley. Eat with some crusty ciabatta bread for a simple lunch or dinnertime starter.

Chicken Parmigianna This is a simple idea for a great main, extremely convenient in that you can put it together and cook while preparing and eating the soup above, if you’re having more than one course. To make this simple Italian recipe, simply place chicken breasts in an oven dish and cover with a tomato and basil cooking sauce. Mix up 50g of breadcrumbs with 50g of parmesan cheese and sprinkle over the top. Cook until it is piping hot throughout the dish and the topping is crispy, typically this will take 35 – 40 minutes.

Try using different breads and different types of cheese to top your meal; this can create different consistencies and exciting new tastes when mixed with the sauce and the chicken.

If it sounds a little simple, boil some potatoes or fresh vegetables to serve with this great tasting Italian recipe. A Final Simple Lunch As an alternative to the soup, a chargrilled vegetable ciabatta bread for lunch is another quick and tasty Italian recipe which you’ve probably not considered.

Lightly toast a ciabatta roll, then drizzle with olive oil. Cover the top with chargrilled vegetable cooking sauce, and add tomatoes, basil and cheese. Place this back under the grill until the cheese has melted for a tasty, simple and quick lunch idea, or even a snack. These tasty Italian recipes are simple ideas which will minimise your time in the kitchen, great ideas for individuals short on time or trying to satisfy impatient children!

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