Pregnant Women and Acne

Pregnant women and acne! Why do so many pregnant women suffer with acne? The most accepted theory among women is that acne is caused by hormonal imbalance. Now this is true to a certain degree and must not be discounted. But I am afraid it goes much deeper than that. In fact it goes right into the heart of our body and into the vital oil producing secretion glands. Secretion glands are the glands that make and distribute the oils that lubricate the skin. Without these glands our skin would dry up and fall off our body in large flakes. Not a pretty thought or sight.

Now if everything was working right in our system then there would be no problem, but unfortunately this is not so. In those who suffer from acne, including pregnant women, their system is working slower at removing the excess oils. These oils are called sebum and when left to gather in the pores of the skin they attract bacteria. The pores become clogged and it is then when the bacteria gets to work. It feeds on the crystallising oils which are retained in the pores and causes infection. This infection then presents itself as pimples, or inflamed skin blotches. They sometimes form into cysts which are very painful and may need medical treatment for their removal.

Pregnant women and acne does not have to be a problem. They need not spend a small fortune on medication and creams to rid themselves of this affliction. There is no need for them to worry about using medications that could harm the baby, because there are a myriad of books, videos, E Books, and all sorts of other methods out there in the market place. Each and every one of these will claim to be the only miracle cure for treating acne.

And for some of these this is the truth.

The safest way to go about finding the medication or treatment that suits you is to firstly check that it was tested and prescribed by a professional dermatologist. Then check and see is there a trial period whereby if it does not work then you are guaranteed your money back before the trial period ends. Like I said above I highly recommend that you check out the credentials and satisfied clients testimonies of the dermatologist who is recommending the treatment or medication. This is the surest and safest way to test the product and use it at your leisure. So for all those pregnant women suffering from acne, I say suffer no more the cure is at your fingertips. Now, I can do no more than wish you good health for the future. Noel.

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