Pregnancy Week 41

This is the line of finish. You and your husband or partner has been trained for this event for the last forty weeks. You have probably registered for some classes on pregnancy and delivery, also known as the childbirth education classes. You are now prepared for childbirth and delivery. Very few people in fact face the experiences of the delivery room without prior training. Labor is divided into three parts – early labor, active labor and the period of transition. The childbirth and labor process is quite laborious for you and your partner due to the long wait involved in the process. The entire process of labor is long, lasting on an average between 12 and 20 hours. The average time of labor for first time mom is around 15 hours. The early labor at home is the longest part. This can be a few hours to a few days. This is the regular contractions stage and this is different from the Braxton Hicks contractions you have been facing in the early stages. These contractions that happen now help to enlarge your partner’s cervix. These are manageable and you do not have to go to the hospital as soon as they start. Drinking water is recommended at all stages of labor.

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The active labor phase is only there for 3 to 4 hours. This is a more intense phase and the cervix continually dilates and the water breaks. This is when the doctor should be called in and the patient should be taken to the hospital. There is no rush and a reassuring person beside her would make her feel more comfortable.

This could preferably be her husband. The transition period would last a few hours and this is a very intense stage of child birth. The cervix is fully dilated and the mother would be tired and fatigued and she could even throw up due to pain. The husband should be there by her side always, telling her to breathe evenly and asking her to relax and not push. If there is an undue strain she would prolong the process of delivery. In the stage two of the process of transition, the pain intensifies and the blood increases. The mother will be asked to push at this stage. In stage three, the contractions continue for thirty more minutes and the mother tries to throw the placenta out of the body. Congratulations! After a long wait of forty weeks, and many hours of painful labor, you are the proud parents of a bonny baby! Good Luck!

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