Pregnancy Week 35

Pregnancy is the carrying of multiple or single fetus inside the female body from conception to childbirth. There are various ups and downs that pregnancy has to offer and now you are ushered in successfully into week 35.

You are welcome to week 35 of your pregnancy.

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Mother’s Changes :
Your body is getting ready for the delivery time and you would be going through several changes in your body this week. The trouble in sleeping had been experienced a couple of weeks before and that will continue. That is perhaps because of the excitement in you. The body will start making you ready for this new phase in your life.

You will gain at least 30 pounds of weight and there are mood swings as you felt earlier on. There are back pains, fatigue and you would have to visit the bathroom because the growing baby in you wants to have more space in you and he exerts pressure. There are some mothers who suffer from tremendous amount of heart burn and gastrointestinal problems. You can try to get over these problems by taking less fluid at night and by taking short naps during the day. You can take frequent breaks and keep the body hydrated and take short walks. You can read a lot at this time. Now is the time when you have to visit the practitioner each week. You should start preparations to go and visit the hospital and also get things ready at home.

The bonding between you and your baby has started to mature and this occurs within minutes after birth.

Bonding makes you feel protective towards the baby and shower her with lots of affection and this is how the baby also feels secure in your arms when he is outside the womb.

Baby’s Growth :
The baby is now 5 pounds in weight and he is gaining weight steadily for stepping into this world. The length is around 18-20 inches and the organs are fully developed. So when you have to deliver the baby you would have no problem. The baby would settle down to a position of delivery that is head down or in a breach position with buttocks down. You can clarify any doubts with the practitioner. Don’t fret at this hour and be relaxed and happy.

Father’s Role :
Now is the time to abstain from any physical intercourse. But you can show your love to her by hugging her a lot, kissing her and giving her a back rub or a foot massage. You can also opt for painting her toe nails which she cannot reach now. It would make her feel nice with pretty toes. These are the things that will keep both of you close.

Inspiration of the week :
Keep it one day at a time and think positive every moment. You would be surprised at the results of this positive feeling in you.

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